There are lots of interesting bikes on the go at the shop    I just delivered a number of Columbus Spirit tubed road bikes.       This tubing makes a really sweet riding bike.    It is stiff enough to be race worthy and also compliant enough for day long rides.    Looks sharp too!




I almost have Mike’s SS crosser ready for paint.    It is set up to run with an EBB and also has the hanger and guides for a 1X9/10 system.    The fork is built around a Pacenti mtb fork crown.    It is relatively light and the clearance is great.    This bike will be able to run up to a 44C tire.


Here is another project that has been on the go for a bit.    One of the TN racers will be trying out the Ventana 29er rear end.    The frame is almost ready for some powder.


I got a few new red powder colours in recently.    The matt red anodized powder is one of the more unique powder paints I have seen.