Frequently Asked Questions

What types of bikes do you make?

True North’s focus is:

  • touring bikes ranging from light duty to expedition touring
  • hard-tail mountain bikes, especially 29ers and single-speeds
  • cyclocross bicycles
  • road bikes

How much do True North bikes cost?

Frame pricing starts at $2000 for steel and $3500 for Ti (titanium). Pricing for complete bikes varies by the component selection and are quoted on a per-bike basis.

How long does it take to get a True North bicycle?

It usually takes 4 to 12 weeks, but this depends on the time of year and the volume of orders we are working on. We can give you a more definitive lead time when you are ordering your bike.

What materials do you make the frames out of?

Most of our frames are made out of titanium or steel. Your choice of materials will depend on your goals for the bike. Steel is extremely versatile, durable, smooth riding, and economical. The adage “Steel is Real” is as true as ever. Titanium retains the smooth ride characteristics of steel with a slightly livelier feel. Ti is light, strong and corrosion resistant so it’s a great choice for those who demand the ultimate in both performance and longevity.

What is the best material for a bicycle frame?

The question is better phrased “What is the best material for my bicycle frame?” Every material has its place. We can help in deciding which frame material would work best for you and your riding needs based on our knowledge and experience.

Where are your bicycles made?

Each frame is designed, welded and finished by Hugh Black in Belwood, Ontario, Canada. Each frame is also painted and assembled in-house at True North Cycles.

Do you make women’s bicycles?

Roughly half of our clients are women, with each woman’s frame and parts selection designed with her individual body and riding needs in mind. We don’t make one model for all women; we make one bike for each individual. It’s the difference between “off the rack” and “individually tailored”. We also provide consultation on components and accessories to help women (and men) select the things that work for them.

How many frames/bikes does True North build in a year?

True North builds approximately 100 bikes per year.