Step 1: Preliminary Consultation

During our first consultation we will ask you some basic questions to:

  • Assess your riding needs
  • Learn about your volume of riding, style and terrain
  • Determine your price range
  • Answer any questions that you may have about buying a custom bike

Step 2: Placing an Order

After the preliminary consultation we will setup a time and where possible meet at The Bicycle Tailor in Fergus where we will work closely with you to build the bike you want that fits your riding needs.


During an in-person fitting process, we will take your body measurements, measuring your existing bike, discussing your fit-related likes and dislikes, and provide recommendations on dimensions for your new frame.

Frame Options

We will review our frame options and talk about the optimal frame material and design for you and the way you ride.

Component Selection

Whether you come with ideas in mind or are looking for guidance, we will discuss parts selection to assist you in choosing components that will work best for you.

Paint Selection

Our paint and finish options are extensive. Between powder coating, anodizing and decals, we can personalize your bike to suit your personality.

For powder coating, we use Prismatic Powders for our paints and encourage you to explore their site to find your ideal colour.


After the consultation above, we will take a $1000 CDN deposit (cheque/cash/bank transfer) to confirm your order.

Step 3: Frame Building

The frame building process starts once your order is placed and involves the following

Frame Sign-off

Hugh will lay out your bicycle design in CAD, provide you with a copy and review it with you. You can be as involved as you would like in the details of the design review process, we are always open to feedback and new ideas.

Parts Selection Sign-off

Sometimes design changes, parts availability or other factors may mean small changes in parts selection. We will review the final list of parts with you to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Design Sign-off

We will review and confirm design aesthetics of the bike with you, including finish, paint, colours, custom design elements and vinyl.

Frame Building

Once everything has been signed off, frame building gets under way followed by painting and finishing. Turnaround time on frame building varies depending on current order volume time of year. Once the build is complete, the frame is then transferred to The Bicycle Tailor for assembly.

Step 4: Delivery and Fitting

Once your True North bicycle is ready, we give you a call to finish the process

Full Fitting

If you are picking up your bike in person, Hugh will meet you at The Bicycle Tailor in Fergus. We will provide you with a full fitting on your new True North bicycle including saddle positioning, pedal cleat positioning, and fine tuning of stem and handlebar set-up

If we are shipping the bike, we will ensure everything is setup as closely as possible to your measurements before boxing. We can arrange shipping to your address or ship directly to your trusted local bike shop for final assembly and fitting.

Payment of Balance Owing

Before shipping or after the in-store fitting you will pay the outstanding balance to True North Cycles by cheque/cash, or via credit card with an additional 3% fee. You now have your custom True North bike!

Post-Sales Service

For local riders, we encourage you to bring your bike back to The Bicycle Tailor after 300-500kms of riding. You can make an appointment with Hugh for any follow-up, or our highly trained staff can make any minor adjustments to the bike. This may include spoke tension, brakes, and derailleurs. Your comfort while riding your True North is of utmost importance, so we are very willing to assist with further adjustments to rider set-up now that you are familiar with your new bike.

We are very proud of our retail shop in downtown Fergus. Our mechanics and staff members are very familiar with the builds and components often used on True North bicycles and are often the most capable shop to service your unique bike. We recognize the investment you have made in your custom bike, and will do our best to ensure tune-ups, repairs and adjustments are done as quickly as possible to keep you riding.

You can visit the Bicycle Tailor’s website.

True NOrth bicycle on a bridge downtown Fergus, ON