Anne’s mixte is finished and it looks amazing. The bi-laminate lugs turned out really nice and subtle details like the chain guard, polished Paul racer brakes, Nitto front rack and matching Brooks saddle and bar tape really bring this bike together.





Christine’s bike got finished just in time for her and Hugh’s trip to New Zealand. This S&S coupling bike features Old Man Mountain racks, a complete SLX 10 speed drive train and Avid BB5 disc brakes. We were playing around with decal colours when I took this photo; rest assured she has some nice True North decals on it now.



Hugh’s bike really turned out nice. Hugh makes a point to attend the Single Speed World Championships every year and this year he decided that since he was going to travel all the way to New Zealand, he should probably get some bike touring in at the same time. Here is his bike in touring guise. Strip off the racks and gears and adjust the chain with the EBB and all of sudden you have a 29er singlespeed mountain bike. Like Christine’s it also includes S&S couplings to save on dreaded excess baggage fees at the airport.



The new SRAM Apex group is really something. Mountain bike gearing in the rear (11-32), a compact crank up front (50-34) and clearance to run 28c tires. Perfect for road riding, gravel roads and light touring.    We just built up our demo frame with the Apex group and it’s headed over to Pedal Magazine for a product test.



We built up this large cross bike for Trevor. When you’re this big you definitely need disc brakes to slow you down.



Finally, here is Scott’s new cross bike. We had this frame on display in it’s unpainted form at the Toronto bike show this spring. I especially like the falling leaf motif on the seat tube. Cyclo-cross, Fall, Falling Leaves…this bike make look pretty, but make no mistake, with a dedicated 1×10 drive train and lack of water bottle bosses; it’s a pure race bike.