We’ve been working some long days as of late in order to complete a bunch of our orders. January is typically a month where riders will pile on the hours hoping to build their base with an eye towards the upcoming season. We too are logging the long hours knowing that come spring many of our frames will head out on Trans-Canada and European tours or be called upon to contest the early season road and mountain bike races.


So with that in mind, that last little while has been a flurry of mitering and welding frames.


Here we have Ti 29er with Paragon sliding dropouts that will see use in Ontario Cups and maybe the occasional US100 race this summer.


For the most part we are fans of the Eccentric bottom bracket but occasionally we will use sliding dropouts to give a frame the versatility to switch between fully geared and single-speed applications.


The pile of completed frames has been growing. I doubt Moots has anything to be worried about, but it’s a fair amount of Ti for a small shop like True North. I think the excitement surrounding Carbon Fiber frames is starting to wain and people are again looking for the durability, light weight and ride quality of a well built Ti frame.


This picture doesn’t really do it justice, but after so much cutting, cleaning and deburring, Hugh’s hands were looking a little worse for wear.