We apologize for it being so quiet on the blogging front the past few weeks. With the holidays and Hugh moving to a new house, things have been very busy. Now that the new year is upon us, it is time to hunker down and build some bikes. The first bike to go out the door in 2011 is Hans’ flat bar road bike. Built with comfort in mind, this bike allows for an upright riding position, but does not forsake speed in the process. The Campagnolo triple drivetrain allows for the proper gear no matter the terrain, and the steel frame in concert with the Eriksen ‘Sweetpost’ will afford Hans the smooth ride he is looking for.

Once Hugh and Hans come to a consensus on his bar position and stem length, we will cut the steerer and remove the excess spacers.  Picking up a new custom bike isn’t as simple as walking out the door with it. Hugh takes the time to do a final fit with each customer, adjusting saddle height, fore and aft, stem length, bar height and width amongst other things. A custom fitting frame is only part of the equation; there are many other ways to improve the interface and experience between bike and rider.


Hugh just finished work on a very large titanium frame with S and S couplings. The frame is now off to Sean for finish work before ending up in my hands at assembly. Keep checking back for pictures of this bike and many more that we will build in 2011. We’d like to thank everyone for your support in 2010 and wish everyone a happy and successful 2011!