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Ti Time

September 4th, 2008 Hugh

I have been building quite a few ti frames this year. I have a new shaped 3/2.5 tubeset that is perfect for road and cross bikes. The shaping adds stiffness to the frame the right places while still maintaining the supple ride ti is known for.

Here is the start of Johnny 5’s new cross bike.


It is off to Stefan now for some clear coat on the carbon rear end. When it comes back I will do the final finishing.


I also just finished a ti 29er for Aleksandar. The ti 29ers are absolutely wonderful to ride. We built this bikes around one of the Eriksen ti posts. The post softens the feedback from the rear wheel. This will be the next bike I am going to build for myself. We are still waiting for some of the parts to arrive for the final build. Here is a picture of the bike with some temporary parts.


XTR 29er

September 4th, 2008 Hugh

This hardtail 29er will be racing the Ontario cups.  The frame is built from True Temper OX Platinum tubing and matched to the 80mm travel DT Swiss fork.  The bike is built up with XTR drivetrain and disc brakes, a Chris King headset and a Thomson Elite seatpost.  The bike rolls on the new Shimano tubeless 29er wheels.

29er_bike.jpg 29er_drivetrain.jpg 29er_fork.jpg 29er_paint.jpg

A 29er Singlespeed for Endurance Racing

June 9th, 2008 Hugh

This bike is a singlespeed 29er specifically for endurance racing. The rider is a 5’7″ woman who was looking for a bike for endurance races such as the upcoming “Crank the Shield” stage race – lots of hours in rough terrain. The custom frame is built from True Temper OX Platinum tubes and is designed around the Pace RC29 S80 suspension fork. The down tube features a large gusset for stiffness and for good clearance of the fork crown. The bike is designed to have the same bar height and geometry as her rigid 29er at the ‘active’ height of the suspension during hard riding. Our ‘test pilot’ just raced the bike to 1st place at the Kelso O-cup and is very happy with the bike’s handling, and the performance of the Pace fork.

enduro_29er.jpg enduro_29er_gusset.jpg enduro_29er_crank.jpg enduro_29er_headset.jpg

Beautiful Paint

April 24th, 2008 Hugh

Alana’s singlespeed 29er frame has one of the nicest paint jobs to come out of here for a while. Alana gets all the credit however, as it is her design. The letters and design are masked in rich, wet paint – the paint job is stunning when you look at it up close. The frame is True Temper OX Platinum, disc specific, with an eccentric bottom bracket. The build includes a Pace carbon fiber rigid fork, Hayes brakes, Shimano XTR crank and handbuilt wheels using XTR hubs.

alana_mtb_01.jpg alana_mtb_02.jpg alana_mtb_03.jpg alana_mtb_04.jpg