Christine and I just returned home from our honeymoon.  We were married mid August and have been travelling in Italy, France, and Spain.   The wedding was prefect and the honeymoon great.  I am happy to be back in the shop and building again.  The summer was extremely busy with framebuilding and getting ready for the wedding.    I have done my best to keep up with email and phone messages but if I dropped some I apologize.

Here are some of the bikes that left here during the summer.



Marty’s new coupled tandem.  This bike replaces a Mariposa tandem Marty built in the late 80’s.  Paintwork was done by Noah at Velocolour.


Angus got a new commuter/tourer built with a Rohloff Speedhub.  The Supernova light is powder by a Son Sl wireless dynamo hub.


Trevor picked up his OX Platinum tubed hardtail 29er.     This bike has an Xt build kit with a Fox fork and No Tubes wheelset.  The paint job was gloss black powder with green sparkle pearl in the clearcoat.  Stunning in direct sunlight.  More pictures on Flickr.


Barry just picked up his titanium sport touring bike.    The grey ultegra group really to complimented the brushed titanium.


This is Jane’s new coupled commuter/tourer.    She went with a flat bar configuration for comfort.  This bike has some really sharp looking Velo Orange hammered fenders.   The couplers were installed so Jane could take the bike apart to make it easier to pack in her car.  It only takes a few minutes to take the wheels off and split the frame in two.


Nick’s commuter built with an Alfine 8 speed hub and Son Sl dynamo hub.


Taylor was getting ready for a trip to Germany with his new tourer.  We used a new powder colour on his bike “Screaming Eagle Black Crinkle”.