There has been lots of activity here in the past couple of weeks.    The safety crackdown has lead to a series of changes which in the end will be good.    The other main beef with the shop layout here was a nonconforming mezzanine over most of the shop.    The mezzanine had to be removed which caused a lot of grief.    End result is that we are moving True North across the industrial plaza to a new space.    Over half of the equipment is now installed in the new shop ( Unit 3A).

The big excitement today was the installation of a new rear door in the new shop.    The old door wasn’t tall enough for some of the larger milling machines we have.    The following pictures are from the new shop.    Notice the new control box for the powder coating oven.    It is build with parts that conform to Canada’s ESA standards.



Nic and Cathy picked up their S+S coupled tandem.    The test ride around the complex didn’t require helmets.

dsc_0023.jpg dsc_0028.jpg

  Jan’s Ti road bike is looking very nice.    The ti finish looks really nice up against the new Ultegra 6700 components.


  I delivered this fixy just in time for Chris’ 40th birthday.    It was a huge surprise.       Tracey ( his wife ) had secretly ordered this bike for him.    She took all the measurements off of his existing rides.    It turned out to be a very unique bike.    It is built with an EBB for chain adjustment and long reach road calipers.    It will take up to a 35 c tire which will make it quite versatile.



  I am still quite busy building frames.    Instead of riding most of my spare time has been moving and keeping up with the orders.    I have been working on Brett’s ti road and Jon’s ti 29 EBB SS frames.          They are both ready for final brushing and logos. I have a third ti frame on the go also for John but no pictures yet.    Donna’s Spirit tubed all rounder road bike is also shown in this set.