It’s getting very close to both the North American Hand built Bicycle Show and the Toronto Bike show and as such it’s quite busy here at the shop (this seems to be a re-occurring theme in these posts). Although we as a shop will not be going down to the Hand built show in Indianapolis, i do plan on making a quick trip down and will likely have a few pictures up on the site next week (i will try to focus the majority of the photos on the show as opposed to my planned visit to the Waffle House, which i am equally excited about). As for the Toronto Show, we have a couple of really cool bikes planned, but we have to make a trip to the patent office first (how’s that for a teaser) Below is a picture of an frame with S and S couplings and Paragon’s new disc dropouts. I estimate i will be 47% happier installing racks and fenders on bikes with these dropouts, but i’ll let you know for sure when the time comes.


We’re finally getting the last of our repair bikes out of the way. We have to slide these frames into the queue when it both A)makes sense and B) time permits and thus it can often take quite a while to turn around a repair. This is why we have to limit our repairs to True North frames and why is it best that the bulk of repairs occur in slower seasons like late summer/fall. Here is a pic of Hugh doing a little sanding on Canadian Junior National Team Member Ryan Aitcheson’s track frame


Catrina is getting a sweet little city bike and after a bit more paint it will be ready to assemble.


Once it gets True North painted on it and hit with a little clear coat,this cross frame will be ready to go aswell.