Hugh has been hard at work on Marty’s new S&S equipped tandem


With the bulk of the frame complete, all this is left is for Hugh to mitre and weld in the chainstays.


Complete and ready for braze-ons.


Here is a shot of the fork moments after the canti bosses were brazed on. Following this, the fork will be soaked to remove the flux and then the finishing work begins.


While the tandem is soaking, it’s time to begin work on the next frame.


We received a new-to-us mill this week. We already have one of these older Adcock-Shipley horizontal mills and are quite happy with it. The move to the country has afforded us the space to have a few more mills. Each mill can now be dedicated to a single task, like mitring chainstays; this means less down time as we don’t have to switch the mill from one task to another.