I just finished welding up the head gusset on Rob’s 29er.    While it cools down I thought I could throw up some of the lastest builds.

  Head tube gussett hot off the press!

Last week I started work on Anne’s Mixte.    I have done of few of these in the past but never with lugs.    Lugs are hard to come by for Mixte style frames so I had to make my own.    This is a very tedious and labour intensive way to get the lugged look.    Basically you have to cut    two similar lugs and then weld the desired pieces together at the correct angle.    Here are some shots of a few of the joints mid cleanup.

anne-miste.jpg anne-head-lug.jpganne-head-2.jpganne-top-joint.jpg

Don drove from BC to pick up his new coupled touring bike.    It is outfitted with the new Shimano Dynasys SLX grouppo.    The 10 speed shifting worked flawlessly and was really easy to set up.    He also had a full set of the Arkel Dolphin panniers installed on the bike.    There is a complete set of pictures on my flickr page with the full packing sequence into the S+S soft case.    This is one of the more complicated bikes to shoehorn into one of the cases.    We actually got both racks and fenders in the case which is hard to do.



Here are a few customer shots.    John is showing off his belt buckle after completing the Leadville 100.    Leo is leaving Pommard on his coupled TN sport tourer.    He also climbed Mont Ventoux on this trip.

john-leadville-3.JPG tn-in-pommard.JPG