It’s been very, very busy at True North as of late. Normally ‘busy’ consists of designing, building, painting and assembling custom bikes. The last month has included lots of this, but also lots of moving. If you haven’t yet heard the exciting news, True North has relocated to Hugh’s new property near Belwood Lake.We’re really excited about the move, even if it has meant lots of extra work.


Before we started to pack, we managed to get a few last bikes out the door. Here are Roz and Jeff with their brand new matching S&S coupling equipped touring bikes.


We brazed on V-brake mounts and repainted a beautiful old Mariposa tandem for the Ducommun’s.


Marilyn insisted that she a get a photo with Hugh and her brand new touring bike. It’s a beautiful bike and she is quite happy to finally have a bike that fits as it should.



Anne brought her bike in for a set of hammered Velo-Orange fenders and some Brown Hudz hoods for her brakes. We think it looks really classy.



Here is John’s new long-reach brake equipped road bike. It’s equipped with Campy Athena 11 speed, Grand Bois tires, Shimano Long Reach Brakes, Chris King headset and an Eriksen post.


I’ve included a few photos of the move. Our friend Chris helped out with his truck and trailer and we had a bunch of friends show up and help out as well.  Moving lathes and mills and our one-tonne surface plate. Once we have everything organized at the new shop, I’ll put up some photos of the new place.