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October Update

November 9th, 2012 Hugh

There are lots of different projects happening in the shop these days.   I delivered this really slick looking touring bike to Ryan.   It is built around 26 inch wheels with a Shimano slx group.   It has an Alfine Dynamo hub which will deliver power to various devices with help from the E-WERK charging station.   The first major tour for this bike will be a 5 week trip through the Andes.


 This is a beautiful fillet brazed touring frame I built for Yan.   I don’t do a huge number of brazed frames these days.  The first 50 or so True North frames were all brazed.  This was an enjoyable build and it looks fantastic.


These titanium stoker stems were made for a customer that has a number of different tandems.   The multiple lengths allow him to fine tune the stoker position for different riders.


Derek will be finishing off the rest of this build at home.  Titanium 29er frame built with an EBB for single speed or geared use.  This frame  has all of the braze-ons to turn it into an expedition touring bike.  The wheels have Chris King hubs built to Stan’s Notubes rims.   The rims were clear coated with a tiny bit of white pearl.   They should pop in the sunlight.


More pictures of these projects can be found in our flickr album.

Summer Wrap up!

September 17th, 2012 Hugh

Christine and I just returned home from our honeymoon.  We were married mid August and have been travelling in Italy, France, and Spain.   The wedding was prefect and the honeymoon great.  I am happy to be back in the shop and building again.  The summer was extremely busy with framebuilding and getting ready for the wedding.    I have done my best to keep up with email and phone messages but if I dropped some I apologize.

Here are some of the bikes that left here during the summer.



Marty’s new coupled tandem.  This bike replaces a Mariposa tandem Marty built in the late 80’s.  Paintwork was done by Noah at Velocolour.


Angus got a new commuter/tourer built with a Rohloff Speedhub.  The Supernova light is powder by a Son Sl wireless dynamo hub.


Trevor picked up his OX Platinum tubed hardtail 29er.     This bike has an Xt build kit with a Fox fork and No Tubes wheelset.  The paint job was gloss black powder with green sparkle pearl in the clearcoat.  Stunning in direct sunlight.  More pictures on Flickr.


Barry just picked up his titanium sport touring bike.    The grey ultegra group really to complimented the brushed titanium.


This is Jane’s new coupled commuter/tourer.    She went with a flat bar configuration for comfort.  This bike has some really sharp looking Velo Orange hammered fenders.   The couplers were installed so Jane could take the bike apart to make it easier to pack in her car.  It only takes a few minutes to take the wheels off and split the frame in two.


Nick’s commuter built with an Alfine 8 speed hub and Son Sl dynamo hub.


Taylor was getting ready for a trip to Germany with his new tourer.  We used a new powder colour on his bike “Screaming Eagle Black Crinkle”.


Spring Has Sprung And Bikes Are Blossoming

May 2nd, 2012 Hugh

Spring has sprung at True North and while all the rain as of late might threaten to put a damper on a new season of riding, not to worry; we install a lot of fenders.


Paul’s new bike is one of the many bikes featuring fenders that go out the door here at True North. We believe bikes should be functional as well as beautiful and this bike certainly is both.


Paul’s bike features a painted Titanium frame with matching lugged steel fork made with internal wiring for the Schmidt SONdelux SL dyno hub. The SONdelux SL is pretty amazing hub as it does away with the need to connect and disconnect wiring when removing the wheel, the electrical connection is formed between the dropout and the hub. The wire from the dropout to the light is run internally through the fork leg. This bike features hand built wheels, Campagnolo Comp Triple components, Shimano long-reach brakes, Chris King headset, Eriksen Sweetpost and Gilles Berthoud Saddle. Lee stopped by the other day and has already logged 1900 km’s on the bike in the several weeks he’s owned it.


Chappy’s new bike is another painted Titanium frame and custom steel fork combo. Yet again, the fork features internal wiring for the Schmidt SON Delux hub. Chappy’s frame differs however in that it was designed to work with Paul centre-pull racer brakes. Chappy’s new bike features a Campagnolo Chorus drivetrain, Eriksen Sweetpost, Chris King headset and some very nice wooden fenders.


Here is a close up of the SONdelux hub. It is quickly becoming a favourite request at True North and we’ll have a few more bikes in the coming weeks that will feature this hub.


April’s pink 29er mountain bike is another great bike we’ve built in the last little while. Featuring hand built pink Chris King to Stans Crest wheels, matching pink Chris King headset, a SRAM/Shimano XT drivetrain 1×10 drivetrain, Formula brakes, Eriksen Sweetpost with pink hardware and a pink Salsa seat collar. We’re quite sure that April will be  ‘Tickled Pink’ with her new ride.


One of the more amazing bikes True North has built lately is Graydon’s Titanium Mixte. Yep, under that amazing paint job is a titanium mixte frame with an eccentric bottom bracket and matching custom  steel fork. With it’s built to match front rack, stainless steel fenders, Shimano Alfine internally geared hub and Schwalbe studded tires, this bike is built to conquer the city streets, park paths or just about anywhere you would care to take it.


A close up of the custom rack.


Craig already owns a steel True North road bike and for his new bike he decided to go with Titanium. Craig’s bike features Chorus 11 components, Campagnolo Zonda wheels, an Enve Fork, Chris King headset, Eriksen Sweet post and a Brooks saddle.


Finally, Ann’s new flat-bar road bike was designed to optimize both stand-over and tire clearance. It features Shimano long reach brakes, a Shimano/SRAM 2×10 drivetrain, Shimano Ultegra wheels and a Thudbuster seatpost.


Working Away

January 20th, 2012 Hugh


We’re just chugging away here in the shop, trying to keep warm now that winter has finally arrived. I recently found the time to put our demo 29er back together. We attempt to keep a few bikes around so that clients have the option of taking a bike for a test ride when they visit. This bike is a pretty decent representation of the majority of mountain bikes we build; 29 inch wheels and an EBB which gives you the option of riding it with gears or single speed. This frame just happens to be on the small side (590mm Effective Top Tube) so it looks like a bit of a dirt jump bike, but I can assure you; the geometry is all cross country.


This is James’ new flat bar touring bike. We build a lot of touring bikes with flat bars for people would like a more upright position or don’t like the feel of drop bars. This very large frame comes with equipped with S&S couplings which allow for  it to be broken down into a smaller travel bag to avoid excess baggage fees. James’ bike comes with an Ultegra triple drive train, Avid BB7 disc brakes, Shimano XT hubs built to Ambrosio Keba Rims and of course a Chris King headset. The paint on this bike really is special and out in the sunlight it really sparkles.


Hugh has been hard at work as of late on a Ti road frame made to work with Long reach brakes.


We spec ‘Wright Style’ dropouts on the majority of our titanium frames as it allows for the use of a replaceable hanger.


Here is a picture of the frame fresh out of the oven, the Ti really shines through in the falling leaf motif.