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New Digs!

July 14th, 2010 Hugh

I must apologize for the lack of updates.   The last 3 or so months have been a whirlwind of activity.   The new shop is now set-up and functional.  I have also managed to keep up with the build schedule despite the movement of equipment from one  shop to the other.   Luckily the two shops were only 100 feet apart.  There is a new phone number ( 519 827 9429 ) which will be local for Guelph callers.  The new address is Unit 3A, 79 Regal Rd.  The old number still works. ( 519 585 0600 )  If you call you will probably get the answering machine.  I can’t get to the phone when I am working in the back.  Also 2 out 3 calls are now solicitors or companies trying to improve my credit card rates ( which I don’t accept ).  Please leave a message or email me.

Here are some of the bikes that have rolled out of here over the last couple of months.



Please email if you need any info on these bikes.  There are also galleries on my flickr site.

Molten Lava!

May 18th, 2010 Hugh

Black LAVA dream bike

Here is a shot of Matt’s new SS 29er.  Black lava powder with a semi gloss clear fade.

Jeff Moote had his road frame revamped with a new top tube and some black lava powder.


Trevor had his True North Foco road bike repainted and reparted.  Colours are to match the Sudbury Cycling Club’s jerserys.

Trev's bike -Take 2

I have been busy working on a pair of coupler bikes.  Last step before cleanup is to soak off the residual flux from the dropouts.  This method of soaking also allows me to get the extra flux out of the inside of the stays.

Farwell coupler bikes

Soaking flux from dropouts

Powder Coating Blues!

April 8th, 2010 Hugh

The spring rush has hit hard and early here.  There are a record number of bikes on order right now and building was running smoothly.  Of course that had to come to a grinding halt with a visit from the local safety authorities.  The powder coating oven that I built is not “safe” to use.  It did work very well but it needs to be built according to Canada’s electric safety standards.  I have sent the oven out for rework and it should be back in a couple of weeks ready for action.  I am comfortable paying for the upgrades.  When I initially started powder coating I wasn’t 100% convinced that I could recreate the amazing liquid paint jobs that the old painter was capable of laying down.   After doing somewhere around  500 powder paint jobs in the last 1.5 years I couldn’t be happier with the results.

There is a quite a line up of frames here waiting for powder coating. I have been concentrating on building as many ti frames as I can.

Here are a few a shots of Jan’s new rather large  ti road bike.  Jan has put many miles on a steel frame I built him 6 or 7 years ago. It was time for an upgrade!



I also built a few mtb frames last week.  Pictured is a very small  hardtail frame built for 26 inch wheels.


The other frame is Matt’s new True Temper Platinum EBB single speed frame.  Matt had his tubes bi-ovalized.  Looks really cool!  The white funk on the frames is silver brazing flux.  The flux will be dissolved in a warm water bath.


Paint and Preshow Prep

February 24th, 2009 Hugh

 It’s getting very close to both the North American Hand built Bicycle Show and the Toronto Bike show and as such it’s quite busy here at the shop (this seems to be a re-occurring theme in these posts). Although we as a shop will not be going down to the Hand built show in Indianapolis, i do plan on making a quick trip down and will likely have a few pictures up on the site next week (i will try to focus the majority of the photos on the show as opposed to my planned visit to the Waffle House, which i am equally excited about). As for the Toronto Show, we have a couple of really cool bikes planned, but we have to make a trip to the patent office first (how’s that for a teaser) Below is a picture of an frame with S and S couplings and Paragon’s new disc dropouts. I estimate i will be 47% happier installing racks and fenders on bikes with these dropouts, but i’ll let you know for sure when the time comes.


We’re finally getting the last of our repair bikes out of the way. We have to slide these frames into the queue when it both A)makes sense and B) time permits and thus it can often take quite a while to turn around a repair. This is why we have to limit our repairs to True North frames and why is it best that the bulk of repairs occur in slower seasons like late summer/fall. Here is a pic of Hugh doing a little sanding on Canadian Junior National Team Member Ryan Aitcheson’s track frame


Catrina is getting a sweet little city bike and after a bit more paint it will be ready to assemble.


Once it gets True North painted on it and hit with a little clear coat,this cross frame will be ready to go aswell.