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Seeing Double!

November 26th, 2008 Hugh



Brad’s 650B Mixte tandem. I think the pictures tell the story. This one was a little extra work. It is a bit of a hybrid of a current day touring tandem, 1950’s vintage race tandem, and a Mixte tandem. I don’t have a tandem specific frame building jig. My Anvil Supermaster works just fine though if the frame is built in sections. There is less than 0.025″ runout over the entire frame. I now have to add the braze-ons and get working on the fork.




If I look at this frame any more today I think my eyes will explode! Check out the blood splatter scheme on Ron’s new 29er! *This is not real blood.



Frame Repair and Delivery Times

October 17th, 2008 Hugh

It appears winter is just around the corner. The long underwear and toque have become standard building attire again. I am looking forward to a very productive winter building season. There are already an abnormal number of builds schedualed for the spring. I have decided to not do frame repairs on non True North bikes. I have done a ton in the past but it just seems to delay getting custom orders out the door. Best to talk to Jay at Winterborne Cycles in Guelph if you need some work done.

Delivery times will be quoted at the time of ordering. I still have a number of spots available for delivery in the spring but I would imagine these will fill up quickly.

We have also been busy working on setting up a powder coating system. Here are a couple of shots of Greg installing the insulation on the curing oven. Looks like it will be operational in a couple of weeks time. Powder paint is perfect for touring and mountain bikes. It doesn’t look quite as pretty as Stefan’s wet paint but it is almost impossible to chip.

greg-oven.jpg greg-oven-2.jpg

Here are a couple of 29ers that just left the shop. They were sweet! Stefan did a beautiful job on the finishing. Both bikes were full rigid setups with Pro Carbon forks and XT drivetrains. Rob sent me a nice email after a few rides “I am just emailing to say that I am loving the bike. It feels fast as hell, and I can’t believe how aggressively I can steer it and still feel stable.”

robs.jpg ruth.jpg

Here is a picture of Andrew’s headtube. He is getting a lugged fixy frame. I just happened to have a few sets oversize lugs that I acquired from the Gardin clearout a few years ago. These were the lugs that were used on Curt Harnett’s Gardin track bikes.


I also have a start on Mark’s ti crosser and a new show bike. The show bike will be a fillet/lug combo.

mark-p.jpg fillel-lug-sample.jpg

Time to build a 27.5″ wheeled mtn frame

May 28th, 2008 Hugh

I haven’t really had an opportunity to build a mountain bike around Kirk Pacenti’s 27.5″ mtn bike tires. These tires mount on a 650b rim. The overall wheel size ends up being half way between a normal 26 inch wheel and a 29 inch wheel. I am going to try to build Christine a combo style of bike. She needs a bike for commuting and for trail riding. I have designed the bike so it will handle properly as a commuter with a 650b X 38c tire or as a rigid mtb with the 27.5 inch tires. The BB height is critical and can be adjusted accordingly with the eccentric bottom bracket.


The frame is being built out of True Temper Platinum tubing. I am not sure what the final paint scheme will be. So far a brown/pink combo seems to in the running.


For years I have dreaded reaming seat tubes. I never really seemed to have an efficient system that didn’t require a huge amount of elbow grease. A little while back I found a number of 1.5 hp motors with gears boxes attached and thought that some day I might have a chance to use them for a reaming machine. My friend Wheelspinner put this machine together for around $200 and a couple of afternoons of work. It works like a dream!


2008 Bike Show Wrap-Up

March 13th, 2008 Hugh

Despite the massive snow storm, we had a great show this year. Attendance was good, given the awful weather. We had a lot of interest at the booth – my throat is still recovering from talking myself out. Here are some pictures of the booth and the bike we put together for the show.

tn_booth.jpg show_bike02.jpg show_bike.jpg