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Buying Custom

Step 1: Preliminary Consultation

Preliminary consultation with Hugh Black to:

  • Assess your riding needs
  • Learn about your volume of riding, style and terrain
  • Determine your price range
  • Answer any questions that you may have about buying a custom bike

Step 2: Placing an Order

Placing an order for a True North bicycle involves:

  • Fitting: Taking your body measurements, measuring your existing bike, discussing your fit-related likes and dislikes, and providing fit recommendations
  • Frame Options: Discussing and establishing the optimal frame material and design for you and the way you ride
  • Parts Selection: Providing expert guidance and discussing parts selection to assist you in choosing parts that will work best for you
  • Paint Selection: Providing you with an overview of the extensive paint colours and schemes that are available to help you choose a paint job for your bike
  • Deposit: Provide True North Cycles with $1000 CDN (cheque/cash) to finalize your bike order

Step 3: Frame Building

The frame building stage starts once your order is placed and involves:

  • Design Review: Before Hugh starts building your frame, he will review your bicycle design layout with you (providing you with a CAD drawing of the design) – you can get as involved as you like in the details of the design review process
  • Finalizing Parts Selection: Provide True North Cycles with a finalized list of parts that you have selected
  • Finalizing Paint Selection: Provide True North Cycles with a finalized paint colour and scheme
  • Frame Building : Once the design review is complete, frame building gets under way, followed by painting and then the assembly of your bike

*Note: Turnaround time for frame building is dependent upon the volume of frames being built and is sensitive to the time of year

Step 4: Getting Your Bicycle

Once your True North bicycle is ready, we give you a call to finish the process:

  • Full Fitting: For pick-ups at the shop, True North will provide you with a full fitting on your new True North bicycle (including saddle positioning, pedal cleat positioning, and fine tuning handlebar set-up);
  • Pay Outstanding Owing: Pay True North Cycles by cheque/cash (no credit cards accepted) for the outstanding amount owing;
  • You now have a your custom True North bike!

Step 5: Post-sale Service

After riding your new True North bike for 300-500 km:

  • We like you to bring your bike back into True North Cycles for minor adjustments to the spoke tension, brakes, and derailleurs;
  • We are very willing to assist with further adjustments to rider set-up now that you are familiar with your new True North bike.