It’s been quite busy at the shop this week. We have about a dozen Ti frames we’re trying to get done and the shop has been transformed into a bit of an assembly line.

Lots of Ti


Since every frame needs a set of wheels, there is a lot of wheel building going on as well. We have Phil Wood Hubs and XT hubs ready to be laced.

Hubs and Spokes

And then laced and ready to be trued.


We’re huge advocates of the bicycle as a means to slow down and see the world around us and as such we make our fair share of Touring and Sport touring frames. However we’re not above pedaling down the road as fast as possible and a nice set of carbon deep dish wheels often aids in that pursuit. I just finished gluing up some Conti Competition tubular tires to a set of Zipp 1080 wheels. I noticed the 1080’s were a popular choice in the Time Trial at Road Nationals this year as it was much easier to handle in the crosswinds than a disc. Wind often comes into play in both Time Trials and Triathlons and the less energy spent wrestling your bike down the road means more energy exerted on the pedals.