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Custom Bicycles

Every bike we make is custom – designed with you and built for you. For this reason, it is sometimes difficult to categorize the bicycles we handcraft. Please consider the headings on this page only as suggestions!

Touring Bicycles


Since you spend a lot of time on your touring bike, it is important the that your frame fits you perfectly. We make bikes across the entire touring range: from light touring bikes with relaxed geometry for day tripping and supported tours to expedition touring bikes with clearance for fenders and endurance tires for months of unsupported travel to the far corners of the world.

Road Bicycles


For recreation or competition, the fit of a custom road frame increases your power, efficiency and comfort. We make our frames from steel (welded or lugged) and titanium, with the option of carbon fiber stays. Each material has its advantages in terms of cost, weight, durability and the ride performance that can be achieved. We work with you to determine the material selection and frame geometry the best meets your needs.

Mountain Bicycles


Hugh’s first frames were mountain bikes, and hardtail mountain bikes are still our specialty. A lot of customers opt for single speeds, or frames with eccentric bottom brackets that can be set up with gears or single. We are big advocates of 29″ wheels, and the number of 29ers we make dwarfs the number of frames for 26″ wheels we build. However, based on rider size and intended bike use, 26″ and 650B wheels definitely have their place.

Cyclocross Bicycles


Looking for a CX race bike? Steel or titanium, you can choose a carbon rear end on your custom frame for mud clearance and compliance. Geometry, top tube placement, cable routing and frame features are all customized to your ‘cross style. Or, you might be looking for a ‘cross bike as a good all around bike – capable of handling road as well as trails and off-season training.

Everything Else


Looking for a track bike? A winter fixie? Something special? Something that defies categorization? Well, this page is for you.