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Stunning Fixy!

Andrew’s fixy is finally together. It is built with sleek oversize lugs and True Temper Platinum tubing. The yellow pinstriping on the lugs turned out really well. This frame has an EBB to take care of the chain tensioning duties. I am sure this bike will turn a few heads. Once the fit is dialed in I will have a stem painted yellow to match the other yellow bits.



5 Responses to “Stunning Fixy!”

  1. That is hot!

  2. This bike looks fun. By the color scheme, I take it Andrew is a fan of old Massey Harris tractors.

  3. St. Louis Cardinals all the way!

  4. Nice Job Hugh! The red with yellow looks really good.
    I have a Gardin built up with those lugs on my trainer!

  5. nice! i just built my first frame and fillet brazed the seatstays as well. how far around does the line on the bottom of the seat tube lug go? do you have rearward facing shot?