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Ti Time

I have been building quite a few ti frames this year. I have a new shaped 3/2.5 tubeset that is perfect for road and cross bikes. The shaping adds stiffness to the frame the right places while still maintaining the supple ride ti is known for.

Here is the start of Johnny 5’s new cross bike.


It is off to Stefan now for some clear coat on the carbon rear end. When it comes back I will do the final finishing.


I also just finished a ti 29er for Aleksandar. The ti 29ers are absolutely wonderful to ride. We built this bikes around one of the Eriksen ti posts. The post softens the feedback from the rear wheel. This will be the next bike I am going to build for myself. We are still waiting for some of the parts to arrive for the final build. Here is a picture of the bike with some temporary parts.


4 Responses to “Ti Time”

  1. It’s good to see a few bikes with the Eriksen post (the ride is so nice)… and Racing Ralphs. Those are probably the two favourite parts of my bike, after the frame of course 🙂

    Lots of gears and suspension forks lately too – variety is nice.

  2. Saw the bike being welded the other day and those shaped Ti tubes along with the engraved head tubes really make this frame a knock out.

  3. I _demand_ one of those machined head tubes. Wanna cut mine out? 😛

  4. Aleksandar Radan Says:
    September 14th, 2008 at 5:57 am

    Hugh’s attention to detail and the meticulous labour of love around Ti (and all his frames in general) is obvious whether looking at the bike or riding. Its the fourth True North bike I’ve had the privilege for Hugh to build over the last 10 years and each time I’m left speechless at his craft and can’t wait to start thinking about the next project. Thanks