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Commuter Bikes

Here are some pictures of a couple of ‘all terrain’ commuter bikes we’ve made recently. Both of the bike feature strudy steel frames with 700C wheels and room for cross tires or commuter tires and fenders. Both bikes are built with eccentric bottom brackets and the Shimano Alfine 8 speed internally geared hub. The Alfine hub is the Nexus Inter-8 hub with a disk mount. This hubs span a useful range of gears and work beautifully.

ph_bike.jpg ph_brooks.jpg alfine_hub_lk.jpg alfine_paint_lk.jpg alfine_commuter_lk.jpg

4 Responses to “Commuter Bikes”

  1. Sebastian Cruz Says:
    July 31st, 2008 at 7:59 pm

    Hello i love your bikes, theres a lot of ideas I like to use in a personal project I have had for years, I was wondering If you can post more pictures of these bikes https://truenorthcycles.com/wp-content/gallery/city/ph_bike.jpg specially the handlebar, I tried to modify a road handle bar so my shifter and both brake levers can fit, but I didn’t like how it look, Thank you very much

    I’m sorry for the spelling, but i speak spanish

    Sebastian Cruz

  2. The handlebar is a old style mountain bike bar with bull horns that wrap around forward. You will have problems trying to put MTB shifters or levers on road bars, as the diameter of bars are slightly different.

    No need to apologise – your English is far better than my Spanish!

  3. how cool to see interest in my bike from chile!
    that handlebar has been getting a few glances. while it may have been chosen for a practical purpose (why can’t shimano make a shifter to fit on drops?), it functions very well. on the positive side, it provides varied usable grip options: the flat bar over the brakes is long and comfortable, while the wide bullhorn offers an aggressive grip when I’m up off the saddle. on the negative side, the 57-cm width at the widest point of the bullhorn won’t suit everyone (it tails in to 46 cm at the tips). it works for me, though — and it’s much cooler than ugly bar ends.

  4. “much cooler than ugly bar ends”

    Eye of the beholder! You’ve done what’s right for you – that’s the point of a custom bike – but if I decided I needed gears on my commuter I would go with an internal hub + drops with barend shifters, rather than those ugly bullhorns!