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Painted Ti Roadbike

Here is one for you, Phil: this road bike is built around long reach caliper brakes and room for 35C tires or more. The owner has back problems, so the frame is build with a lot of head tube extension to get the bars higher without loosing stand over clearance. The frame is titanium with curved seatstays for a softer ride. Between the Ti frame and the 30C tires, the ride will be smooth without compromising drive train stiffness. With a full Ultegra SL build and a full carbon Alpha Q CS25 fork, the bike is very light. We are using Schwalbe’s 700x30C folding bead Marathon Racer tires, which are light and fast.

painted_ti_road.jpg painted_ti_handbuilt.jpg painted_ti_seatstays.jpg painted_ti_brakes.jpg

One Response to “Painted Ti Roadbike”

  1. Approved! (Sorry, I don’t have the RTMS pic.) I didn’t know about that CS25 touring fork – looks great.