After a brief February thaw, winter has returned to Guelph. Monday was the family day holiday in Ontario so it was a shorter week here at True North. Hugh took the opportunity to engage in a three-hour road hockey marathon while i took a trip into Toronto to check out the Royal Ontario Museum. I hadn’t been there since they added the new wing to the building, it’s pretty nice, but i think the Bat Cave is still the highlight.


I assembled Ron’s bike yesterday and it’s looking great.


We’re still waiting on the XT cranks, but here is a pic of the bike in it’s near completed state. It is a full XT build including the awesome XT 29er wheels, Eriksen Ti seatpost and DT XMC80 fork.


Slowly but surely we’re making headway into our orders.


If you need me, i’ll be at the sandblast booth for the next little while. I have a few frames to prep and then it’s paint time. The new powdercoating is working out amazing and we just got in some great new colours and a really cool matte clearcoat.